Monday, June 7

Is it a matter of time before iBuy an iPad?

Scanning the post dates on this blog tells me one thing definitively. I have more ideas than I have the ability to sit down and write up. I can't begin to tell you, my imaginary reader-friend, how many times I will stop during the day and think "Wow! That would be a great blog post!" And by the time I get to a computer, even if that's just a few minutes later, I can't remember what the heck I was thinking.

Yeah, yeah. The AARP sent me a membership card in the mail this year. So what's your point? About short term memory? Ah, right. I'd forgotten.

Now I carry a very nice smartphone with me, a BlackBerry Tour 9630. With it, I stay on top of email, Twitter, Facebook, and the RSS feeds of my favorite tech news outlets. It's glorious. I can respond to emails, send text messages, tweet, and update my Facebook status. What I can't do, realistically, is create blog posts. Now I HAVE done it at times, but thumb typing is just too slow to do it regularly.

I know what you're thinking. Silly Mark, just buy yourself a netbook! There are two problems with that. The first problem is that netbooks are an endangered species. The price of full-fledged notebook computers are crashing down on the price of netbooks, and tablets like the Apple iPad are thumping them soundly on the portability front. The second problem I have with buying a netbook is that I don't need one for this. What I need is something that is easy to carry with me at almost all times, instant to power up, easy to enter blog posts with, with battery life that lasts all day.

Heaven help me, that sounds like an iPad. No! No! No, I tell you! Not until Steve Jobs gives me whiskey flavored Apple Kool-Aid will I become a zombie.

Someone needs to make a usable, working, ACTUALLY ON SALE Android tablet, and quick!

And that silly 5-inch screen Dell Streak doesn't count. It wishes it were an HTC Evo, if you want to know the truth of the matter.

Oh, man. This could get serious. I'd better get some iTherapy for this iDementia before I whip out an iCredit Card and do something I'll regret in the morning.


Mike said...

I have a feeling you'll be seeing quite a few flavors of Android tablet in the coming months. Personally, I'd wait until after Christmas. By then there will quite literally be dozens to choose from and they'll be super inexpensive(and so will the iPad.) Also by waiting you'll be more likely to get one that suits all your needs and fits you to a T.

My biggest Apple gripe is that I'm expected to accept their vision of "Perfection" and that usually means making quite a few compromises. Why no memory card slot? Why no USB? Why no Bluetooth keyboard connectivity? Why no printer connectivity? Why no user replaceable battery? I've been immensely satisfied with Android since its release. My few complaints about the phone at inception have been addressed by either OS updates or the evermore impressive selection of apps.

There is nothing the iPhone does that I envy, and plenty my G1 does that iPhone can't. So I'm going to be picky when it comes to adopting a tablet. I won't actually be getting one until the device exists that addresses every iPad deficiency that I'm not willing to tolerate. One more thing- Zinio needs to come out for Android so I can read Car & Driver and other magazines on the device. For now it's the waiting game.

Mark Lautenschlager said...

Well, my iPad interest was considerably lessened when I tried using Blogspot today at the studio on Rob's iPad. No good. Didn't work, at all. iPad runs mobile Safari, of course, and there's a whole host of things (like Google Apps) that won't work with it. Blogspot seems to be one of them, and that's where my blog lives, so for now my search continues.

I agree about the price drop, Mike. iPads will become much cheaper. Perhaps not this year, although I wouldn't be SURPRISED to see it by Christmas. But surely next year we'll see major price drops.

Mike said...

One thing I find interesting, you are interested in the device for content creation and for some reason I just think of it as a device for content consumption. This is cool though, apparently there are now some Bluetooth keyboards that work with iPad now. Glad to hear I'm wrong about that. There are some cool, folding Bluetooth KBs out there. That simple factor makes me accept it more readily as content creation device. Still, the biggest crippling item to me is the glaring lack of any kind of a flash memory card slot. It just seems blatantly greedy of Apple to leave out SD/MicroSD. To me the device shouldn't cost more than $300(without a dataplan)but I'll hold off judgement until I can see some of the less expensive products in person. If I have to step up into the $500 price range to get a quality device then so be it. Either way, it should be an interesting holiday shopping season.