Thursday, July 17

Oh look! A blog!

Hey, would you look at that? I have a blog.

You know, when I set this blog up back in November of 2004, I planned to post on a weekly basis. At the time, I was still co-hosting the Computer America show and it seemed to me that I ought to create a weekly column for the show's web site. In an effort to re-use content (save a pixel, save a...? I have no idea), I decided to put the same column online as a blog post.

That lasted less than six weeks. Nice.

Since that time, I've worked for another radio show (Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline), hosted my own radio show (Into Gaming), and now I'm producing a weekly feature for Into Tomorrow called the Into Gaming Minute. The rest of the time, I'm a professional hamster ball polisher. (Is there such a thing? Not hamster balls, I know those exist. I mean hamster ball polishers. I just know I'm going to get a pissed off email from some hard working ball polisher that I just insulted.)

Over the past month, I've been getting the itch to sound off on various topics that interest me. Sometimes it's related to the consumer electronics business. Other times, it's something from the news, or the world of sports. And I thought to myself (that's an odd saying, because how would you think to someone else, unless of course you were telepathic?) "I ought to have a blog." Then I looked at my bookmarks.

Bookmarks are a funny thing. If you've been using the same computer for as long as I've been using mine, your web browser bookmarks (favorites, whatever you want to call them) are like an archaeological excavation of what has caught your interest over time. The deeper you go into your nested folders, the farther back in time you're traveling. Eventually you will run into a link that makes you stop and say "Wow! What the heck was I thinking about HERE?"

Or you'll find a link to your blog. The one you haven't posted to in over two years. This will make you sad (or maybe it just made ME sad), but it will also fill you with the inspiration to begin posting. And post I will, starting today.

Really. I promise.

No, REALLY. Shut up! I will, I swear!

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