Thursday, July 17

Apple hits third place

It seems as though Apple has hit third place in domestic U.S. computer sales. I am expecting to get emails and text messages any moment from friends who wish to gloat. Their lips stained by Kool-Aid (apple flavored, no doubt), their fingers racing over the keys, pounding gleefully until the words "Windows sucks!" and "You're an idiot!" appear on their screens.

I have never said, at any time nor on any show, that I disliked Apple's computers. In fact, I like them. They are designed and built well, they include top-shelf components, and Mac OS X is much smoother and more stable than Windows (Windows "anything," really... XP, Vista, take your pick).

I don't own or use Apple's computers for two simple reasons. First, I play games. I play LOTS and LOTS of games. That's sort of what I do, play and talk about computer and console video games. You can now install Windows XP or Vista on an Apple Mac computer, either dual booting with Mac OS X, or running in a virtual window on the Mac OS X desktop. So it's true that Macs can now play any games Windows PCs can play. But it won't be any better than Windows, unlike the desktop and applications environment where Mac leaves Windows in the dust.

It goes to my second reason, that being Macs cost too much. When I bought my HP laptop last year, I compared prices with a Mac Powerbook Pro that was configured with the exact same specs. The Mac was over $1000 more expensive than the HP. I can't justify spending the extra grand just so I can run Mac OS X. Maybe I've not had enough of the Kool-Aid yet?

When it's time for my next computer, if money permits, I'll try again to buy a Mac. What would be BEST would be for the companies developing video games to develop Mac OS X versions as well as Windows versions. In the meantime, being able to choose Mac OS or Windows at boot time would have to suffice.

So, why do I think it is that Apple's sales of computers are rising? Easy. Lots of people are buying iPods and iPhones, and they're discovering for themselves how elegantly simple the devices are to use. "If Apple can make consumer electronics this good, I'll bet their computers are great too!"

The iMac was awarded Time Magazine's person of the year award in 2006. Tell iMac that if his phone rings, he should ignore it because it'll just be iPod calling on the iPhone, asking for that award.

Congratulations, Apple! Way to kick Acer's butt!

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