Monday, November 22

JFK Reloaded: What were they thinking?

You know, most of the time I am rather proud of the industry I cover as a journalist. There is no question that computers have made our lives better. Can you imagine not having email, or the Internet? It's not until you get into the world of electronic entertainment that things get a wee bit murky. Violence in video games is a hot topic and that debate won't end any time soon. It gets worse when games featuring realistic violence, like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, are released to glowing reviews and huge sales. But at least that's realistic violence against fake people. Not so with the new "docu-game" JFK Reloaded. This charmer of a title alleges that its purpose is to help you settle once and for all the questions surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. If you didn't know you had any burning questions about this, don't feel bad. Neither did I. But apparently, a Scottish company named Traffic thinks enough of us do that they want to help us out by allowing us to re-enact the assassination in excruciating, gory detail. I suppose I'm giving away where I stand on this by using those inflammatory words, but realistic violence against real, historical persons crosses the line with me. Traffic is offering me a high score for murder, folks, so let me offer them this score: ZERO! This game doesn't need to exist. Someone in Scotland needs to be taken outside and spanked. Hey, come to think of it now...THAT is a videogame I'd love to play!