Wednesday, November 10

Halo 2 gathers $125 million in 24 hours

In the first 24 hours after its release, Halo 2 took in $125 million dollars. This is the biggest opening day for an electronic entertainment title, ever. It also happens to back up Microsoft's prediction that Halo 2 opening day sales would eclipse the largest Hollywood blockbuster. ("Spider-Man" has that record, taking three days to reach $114 million. Chump change, by comparison.) I'm sure that some of you say this is proof that Xbox is a stronger platform than previously thought, and the bolder ones might even thump their chests to warn Sony that Microsoft hasn't given up the game console war, yet. I think Halo 2 is a great game, but I've got to ask whether these stunning numbers don't just mean the Xbox is a console with only one great game. That, and I worry Hollywood will bust out $50 movie admissions to play catch up.